performance + trauma + tech

Ariel Chung Headshot

Hi, Iā€™m Ariel Urim ģœ ė¦¼ Chung,

a multi-hyphenate artist learning to embrace the intersections of arts and grow beyond the little tags that identify me.For now, I danced a little, majored in theatre, and studied trauma and computer sciene to understand our 'snowflake' generation. To know me best, answer these questions with me ->

šŸœ an oral history project on documenting stories of caretakers and family in Asian mothers and daughters in diaspora through food. Would you like to join me?

šŸ“ where is the 'site' for a site-specific performance for a community without a tangible physical site?

šŸ’» what is 'liveness' in the digital space?

šŸ«€ how do we translate visceral senses into the digital medium?

šŸ›ļø i have the worst nightmares. Should I go to therapy?